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Getting Kids Outside

 Every kid needs to get outside and be active – not all kids can. I started Big Air Becca to support kids that need a boost or a hand up to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor activities. As we grow, we’ll do our best to incorporate a wide variety of activities that speak to everyone – hoping that kids of all ages can be mastering the slopes or riding a wave. We’ll work with anyone and everyone to provide gear, financial support, and programs that encourage outdoor recreation. Whatever the particular mountain is, we want to enable kids to get to the top.

My Experience

I grew up in the mountains and have been outside all my life. My parents always encouraged me to spend time outside. I look around at all the wonderful opportunities and programs that I get to partake in, and see that I am lucky. I see that what I do is a privilege and beautiful thing. No matter where you come from, I hope that this program makes it a little easier to get out there.

Why I Recreate

Recreation has always been a way to blow off some steam, think, or just admire what’s out there. My dad taught me how to ski when I was a 18 months old. After that, my parents just kept teaching me new ways to be outside. There were many falls and many new things to figure out, and it was a little tough. In the end, I figured out that getting outside is a really unique opportunity that we all deserve to experience. 

Not all those who wander are lost.